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Frequently asked questions.

How long should I wait to get a reply from you?

Within 48 hours you will get a mail from our staff, provided your mail is related to related to us provided it is not a SPAM

Who are your clients?

We work with top brands locally as well as internationally. Some of our clients are listed in the site. If the need arise for personal references, we are willing to provide you the details, if it is required for us to go to the next stage of our business relationship.

Are you Exporting only Food Items?

We are currently concentrating on exporting Ceylon Spices, Ceylon Tea and Coconut based products. We always believe in value addition, hence we mainly tackle value added products. In addition, it is worthy to mention here that we always export the best quality products because integrity is very much synonyms of with our brand/  

What are Jobs you have in your company at this time?

We always recruit our employees through personal references as we always want a long term working relationship with our staff.

Are you open for new Business Development?

Developing new business always depends. But sending new business development proposals through this mail will always considered to be SPAM messages!